Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Miss Kaotic

My name is Kathryn Curry-Robinson. I'm a pretty raw person! Whenever something happens that I don't agree with I def have something so say about it. Too smart for my own good, wouldn't call myself a rebel but i don't like to follow directions.

I will start a convo with anybody asking the most outrageous questions ever. I like to analyze people, get inside their minds, and see how they work.

Addicted to the computer and all the social medias! you can find me on Facebook, Twitter Follow Me Linkedup, Downelink, GoogleTalk, nd you can email me 757MusiqBoxx@gmail.com

You want me to talk about some specific issues or just wanna be my friend :) hit me up email or Gtalk, they both go straight to my phone so you will get a quick response.

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