Monday, March 29, 2010

LGBT Prom 2010

The public 09-10 school year is winding down. For high school seniors Prom Time is around the corner. You know there had to be some LGBT members stirring up some issues. Constance had been openly gay since middle school, now her high school prom canceled their prom because she wanted to her female date to the prom. And Derrick decided he wanted to take his male date to prom, school approved, parents didn't and they kicked him out of their home. My applause goes to these two individuals for standing up and expressing themselves not caring what anybody had to say.

And this was my inspiration. Why does the open LGBT community carry someone of the opposite sex to their prom? So I went around and asked, and unsurprisingly a lot of LGBT members had the same answers. I broke down my response by their "labels."

  • Studs

Most studs took boys to their prom to satisfy their parents, the male they took was either their brother or their best friend, or a guy they promised years ago, so they kept their promise. Other studs took their girlfriends, because they "didn't feel comfortable" "wanted my girl on my arm" "I was the only stud in the school so everybody already knew the deal"

  • Fems

Most of the fems were not open about their orientation in high school so they took a boy. Some comments made were "I was openly bisexual... I brought a boy because I wanted to go thru with traditions... I wanted a boy in my pictures." Another fem went to prom with a boy but left and spent the night with her girlfriend. In my case, I was open, everybody knew I was gay... But i still took a boy and to this day I still don't know why, I never even had intentions of taking a girl... Hmm

  • Males

Most guys took their best friend because they were single and didn't want to just take any old guy to prom, but some guys took their male dates to the prom and did not think twice about what anybody had to say about it. A couple of 2010 seniors said they were taking girls only because their mothers wanted them to and they would hate to disappoint their mothers...

Some people that I asked didn't reply and I believe it was because they were ashamed that they took a member of the opposite sex just to please other people. And for those people, I have nothing but love for you. But for my people that took members of the same sex you get a standing ovation!!!


  1. I really like this ; as a fem of the LGBT community i didnt take either or to my prom even though i was openly gay && everybody knew that. The reason why i didnt take either to my prom is because i knew my mother would not approve of me taking another female to prom and then i didnt take a male to prom because i knew i wouldnt be comfortable with a male there with me.

  2. I dig this one hard I only took a boy to the prom to satify my parents and after the prom I never talked to the male again. To this very day I still haven't spoken to him. I do wish I would have stood up and took the person I wanted cuz my last memorable moment of high school is with someone I knew I wasn't going to speak again.

  3. Good job on even putting this topic out there. Its hard for gays to admit to this subject. I understand y gays did wat they did n high school because their parents r still providing for them so they basicsllydo ha have to do what parents long as they r being true to self now &pleasing only themselves