Saturday, April 24, 2010

HBCU vs Predominately White Campus Life

So I attend Norfolk State University, in Norfolk, VA. NSU is a HBCU. Around the corner there is a predominately white university, Old Dominion University. One day was week I was on ODU campus and I really had to look around and I asked myself, "Where do they get all this money from?" My mom said they probably have a lot of alumni support that most HBCU's don't have... So I called up to ODU and NSU to get numbers on how much financial support each receives annually and neither said they were able to get the answer... I don't know, it just seems a little fishy to me... I'll come back with the pics on Monday

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  1. I have read reports that say that historically HBCU alum don't give as much as non-HBCU.I wonder if it has to do with people of color historically not earning as much, our misunderstanding of how much our individual power can build on itself collectively, or a general lack of caring for the institutions that educated us.

    Just my random musings...

    Shay Olivarria