Friday, April 2, 2010

Independent Party

Today I had the privilege to hear from Erick T. Sadler, the independent candidate for the US House of Representatives forth district of Virginia, in my politics class. He shined the light on the political parties and open my eyes to the world of politics. He said corruption of the government circulates around money. A lot of money is floating around and Independent candidates usually don't get the lime light because they don't have the money. He is neither republican or democrat, he is himself, and he is working for the American agenda, not the agenda of a party.

He quoted some lines from George Washington's Farewell Address and summed it up saying that the government has done everything that Washington predicted would happen years ago. Washington was not a fan of political parties because he felt they would change laws to meet their needs and not the people of America.

I asked him how he felt about same-sex marriages. His response was government puts their nose in too many personal issues and relations. Everyone has an opinion but when one mans opinion effects another mans opinion negatively, it needs to stop. All men were created equal and no one should push their opinion on other's people lifestyles.

When another student asked how he felt about the don't ask don't tell policy he felt it was a shame that people want to serve for their country but they are denied because of their sexual orientation. He feels like if open gays are allowed into the military their should also be protection laws passed to keep people from discriminating against them in the military.

He is an independent party and like said above he does not receive a lot of finical support. I needs members on his campaign. He also printed his business cards recycled paper so it shows he's going green!! Let's Support our independent candidates.

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