Monday, August 30, 2010

Who Is Writing This World's Bible

The original Holy Bible was written by numerous people who all had an experience with God. Passed thru written letters, or verbal communication. The books and letters were found and put together, many books were left out of the bible but are still available for reading. So, my question is, who is writing today's bible?

In the Bible, there are people from all locations, and every social class. Murders, slaves, prostitutes, drunks, the poor, the rich, the sick, the healers, the Kings, the Pharaohs, prisoners, but they all had a connection with the God. The Bible is full of testimonies of how The Spirit moved thru these people. The miracles, the prophecy,

So when we read the bible we are reading the stories from these people and their worldish ways, but how God still worked with them. It shows peoples rewards, and their consequences. The Lord has not changed, and is doing this in the present that He did in the past.

Have you ever thought about the stories that are going to be written in the new bible, that will be for the world after ours. Finding the new territory, Aids and Cancer, Swine Flu, all the dieases, drugs, all the wars, the bombs, the Indian tribes, the Africans being made into slaves, the nations, the different presidents, the government, all the natural disasters, the babies being brought back to life, the technology advances, the different religious dominations, the major preachers, the popes. Just think about YOUR testimony for a min. Now think about the other people around you and their testimony.

I feel like we have a book we all need to come together and start writing just so that the next world will know who to serve and just how good He has been since day one and that He will do the same and better for them. Its our duty to guide them the same way Jesus, Job, Noah, Paul, Esther, and David guided us to God.

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