Tuesday, September 14, 2010

... Spiritual

When we were born God placed our spirit into flesh. He specifically picked which spirit He wanted matched up with the flesh. Our spirit and the temple that it dwells in is no mistake at all. From the day we were born to the day we physically die, we are bound to this body. There is nothing we can do to change it, we were all made perfectly imperfect.

The body is often referred to as a temple. Temple is defined by a place of worship consisting of an edifice(structure) for the worship of a deity(divine God)... The word Spirit is defined as an invisible substance contracted with the material body. And the word flesh is defined as the body of human beings. We are all spirits, simply trapped in a temple until the day our mission is complete and we are given our new mission. We should be using our temples as an illustration for our spirits.

When we die our spirits are judged, not our flesh. In sequence it goes:
God -> Jesus -> Spirit -> Flesh
Our spirit is the closest thing we have to make a connection. A lot of people use that as an excuse for their actions "my spirit is willing but my flesh is weak," understand that they use their tongue, which is flesh, to make that statement.

When we die our flesh is left down on earth as our spirits ascent to heaven for judgement. So it doesn't matter what your flesh did, it matters how your spirit lived. All the good works you did with your flesh, was it really sincere within your spirit, or did you do it to make your flesh look good? This is why is is not our job on earth to judge, because we can not read a persons spirit, we only see their flesh.

Lets not live as humans, but live as spirits. Live the remainder of our lives, focused on what our spirits want instead of living off what our flesh wants. Not our brain, not our heart, not other people, but follow our spirit. Since we can not be disconnected from our flesh until death, we can use our flesh to study the word and plant the goodness in our spirit, then go out recruiting others to do the same. It's time for us to get in tune with the spiritual side of life until the day we are released.