Saturday, November 6, 2010


Every since I was in elementary school taking my SOL test I always wondered why they made us fill out a part that asked our race/gender... Why did that matter? When filling out your registration to vote, a job, school, and apartment application anything. Even setting up a Facebook/Myspace account, whats your religion, what city you live in?

Does it matter? Ok, so let's say I'm a 20 year old African American female... The first person thing a lot of people are going to think, oh she probably ghetto, probably failed a grade or two, she has a least one kid, and I KNOW she worked at McDonalds threw out high school, if she even finished... They see a homosexual female, oh she probably had her heart broken, or maybe she got rapped by her daddy, naw her daddy probably won't in her life.

You see a young black man with a nice car, rims, nice clothes and shoes, first thing people think, oh that's his mama car, he probably a drug dealer, I wonder how many kids he has. If they see a homosexual male walking round the mall, they automatically think, oh he probably has a STD.

A lot of the judging in the world doesn't even come from other people, people have the tendency to judge themselves just to "fit in" "black people don't act like that, white people listen to this, girls say and do this, boys supposed to dress like this..." but why? What if you are comfortable doing something else? Does listening to "white" music make you any less African American?

I think my favorite definition for the word is: "Label - pronounce judgement on" If you label me then that means you want me to meet certain expectations in some areas but give me limits in other areas...

If you label me as your daughter that means I have to do daughter tasks, I have to listen to and respect everything you say, but when it comes to me speaking my mind there's an issue... Label as me your mother then I'm forced to be in your life til DEATH, but what if I wasn't fit to be your mother just yet and I know that you are better in someone else hands, so does me handing you over make me a bad mother? What if you have a son, he supposed to carry on the family name, but what if hes gay or just doesn't wanna have kids, did he fail his duties as a son?

You label me as a Christian... does that mean I have to take communion once a month, go to church every Sunday, stop being a sinner... And a quick word to all 'Christians' there is NOTHING you can do to stop being a sinner, you will always be a sinner, the only difference is your a SAVED sinner after accepting Jesus Christ.

I saw a banner outside of a church one day that said "We were sent to be witnesses, not judges" and that is one of the truest things I ever read... If the definition of label is to pronounce judgement on, and if we were not sent to be judges, we should stop labeling others and ourselves as well. Once we break away from the labels, we may POSSIBLY break away from the judgement.


  1. deep. i love it. certain parts really touched me. *finger snaps* *chinese bow* good job chica.

  2. This was a wonderful post and very insightful. People are very quick to pass judgment and generalize based on things that are hardly fact.

    Good read.

  3. Awesome i loved every bit of it. Keep it comin