Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Divine Control

One quick question for my Daddy, when you designed the human body, why did you make the heart the center? divine

As we all know the human body, well actually any animal, has a heart. The main purpose of our hearts is to pump the blood flowing thru out our body, it takes the blood without oxygen and adds oxygen to it. And it works from the day you are inside your mother's womb, to the day you die your heart is pumping NONstop! And it does this involuntary. Even if you asked your heart to stop pumping, it simply wouldn't.

If we broke our leg, the rest of our body would continue to work. Deaf people can still see, blind can still hear. If we lose one of our senses or body parts the other ones strengthen and make up for what was lost. We can be brain dead but still be alive. But what happens when our hearts stop pumping? We die, after our heart shuts down, everything else falls right behind it. Some people have the benefit of receiving an artificial heart because of heart failures that could not be recovered.

Whoever decided to use our heart as the illustration for love was a complete genius! Because when we find true love it has a domination over what we do with everything else. When we find our love we smile all the time, mind is filled with happy thoughts, listen to happy love songs, and no matter what the rest of the world is doing as long as our love is ok, then we are fine!

But as soon as love leaves, we can't think straight, the littlest things make us upset, we cry til our eyes are dry, look at everybody else like love is not real, all the rainbows turned gray, and we don't want to do anything but lay around and feel our heart splitting into pieces (a true heart break). You may come across another love, but it will NEVER be like that first.

I hope you all are seeing the picture I'm painting. We were born with ONE heart and when that one heart fails that's it, unless you go and get a man-made heart, or a heart that once belonged to someone else. I somewhat answered my own question, when God structured the human body, He knew the heart would be the control center to everything else that flows into the body. Just like He knew love would be the control center of our lives. I say that to say this, be careful who you let and who you don't let in your heart.

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  1. Feeling you on this one. I def see what you're trying to paint. But its not always easy to decide who to let in your heart& who not to. I know from experience.